• Tsuwano YoshinoyaTsuwano Yoshinoya

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Message A Cozy Japanese inn in the center of TsuwanoMessage A Cozy Japanese inn in the center of Tsuwano

Yoshinoya is a traditional Japanese inn from the Edo period,

located in the center of Tsuwano.

All floors have tatami mats and you can enjoy a warm cozy atmosphere.

We provide delicious local dining for example

such as San'in snow crab, Nodoguro and Iwami beef.

Once you walk out the street,

Namako white walls and beatiful calanals welcome you.

We wish you can feel relaxed and find your many favorites in this town.


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For Familes&Groups

Japanese-style Room
(10+4.5 Tatami Mats)

  • 10+4.5 Tatami Mats
  • 2~5 people
  • 2F


For Couples

Japanese-style Room
(8 Tatami Mats)

  • 8 Tatami Mats
  • 1~3 people
  • 2~3F


For Solo Travel

Japanese-style Room
(6 Tatami Mats)

  • 6 Tatami Mats
  • 1~2 people
  • 2~3F


Twin Beds Room

Western-style Room

  • 30㎡
  • 1~2 people
  • 2F



Total Guest Rooms 21 Rooms
Check-in / Check-out 15:00~22:00 / ~10:00 *It changes depending on the plans.
Room Facilities TV, Air-conditioner, Video cassette recorder, Telephone, Free Wi-Fi, Tea set, Refrigerator, Clean toilet(toilet seat with bidet functions), Toothbrush・paste, Shaving shaver, Shower cap, Hair comb, Hair brush, Face towel, Bath towel, Yukata(Japanese bathrobe, Pajamas, Small kitchen(reservation required), Safety box
Rental Items Trouser press, Desk lamp, Electric iron, Cassette recorder, Humidifier, Pillow
Accepted Credit Cards Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diner's Club, NICOS
Cancellation Policy Cancellation Charges
No show / The day of arrival
:100% of room rate
One day before
:50% of room rate
3 days before
:30% of room rate
7 days before
:20% of room rate

*Some plans have other cancellation policies. Please make sure to check the details.
Note •Please let us know if you plan to arrive after 18:00.
•Free parking is available.(Advance reservation is required.)
  • Free Rental Pillow

    We provide more than 10 kinds of rental pillows
    for the restful and comfortable sleep.
    Please feel free to use it.


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Standard Japanese Course


Popular staple banquet course full of San'in area's delicacies.
"Nodoguro" caught by Hamada bay which is also called "Fatty tuna of white fish" for its plump fat and rich taste,
and Hagi's Mutsumi pork are some of the local ingredients used.

Upgrade Course

Sansyo Dayu

An appetizer, Iwami wagyu and dessert is added to the standard banquet course for this tasteful menu.
The main course is Iwami wagyu which is limited to 200 heads per year, and refered to as the "Haute couture of beef".
The way it is creamy and melts in your mouth is one of a kind.
It is a rare wagyu with high quality which presents rich taste and clean cut fattiness at the same time.
At our restaurant, we prepare this dish by simply tile grilling with salt and pepper.
The grill tile is Iwami's specialty called "Sekishu Gawara" which is frequently seen in Tsuwano's scenery.
You can also feel Tsuwano by eating our traditional meals.

Special Course


Our highest grade full course luxuriously using Sanin's specialties, nodoguro, Iwami wagyu, and Ise shrimp.
Your soul and stomach wll be satisfied from the menus variety and volume.
Please enjoy the excellent gems for a celebration on a special day or as a treat for yourself.

If you like to try the local special dining at a reasonal priceIf you like to try the local special dining at a reasonal price

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Uzume-meshi GozenUzume-meshi Gozen

  • Taste "Fortune Food" in Tsuwano

    "Uzume-meshi" is a traditional Tsuwano cuisine which got its name from all the diced ingridients being buried under rice. It seems like a normal ocha-zuke (rice soaked in soup), but when you take a scoop, many ingridients such as carrots, burdock, shiitake mushroom, boiled fish paste come out. It is a flavorful dish where aromas such as Japanese parsely and wasabi are essential. It is said that the dish was born during a period where simplicity and frugality living was emphasized, so people hid luxurious food when eating.

Orochi-don Gozen

  • Taste "Iwami-Japanese black cattle" as a original roast beef

    A new Shimane specialty "Orochi-don" that uxuriously A1:D95 Shimane's wagyu and pork.
    We use roastbeef made from "Iwami black wagyu". Please enjoy the harmony of Iwami wagyu's strong flavor and the wasabi's fragrance.


Once you comfortably wake up, make your way to the breakfast venue.
A tasteful Japanese style set menu will be prepared for breakfast.
Please enjoy the cuisine that will fill your body with energy.


Cordyceps (herb) bath can be experienced in both men and women large bath areas.
Please enjoy the medicinal bath to your hearts content.
*Please bring face towel and bath towel from your room.

Special Herbal Bath 'Tsuwano no Yu'

  • Our specialty, the first hot bath in Japan that uses the herb cordyceps. The cordyceps used is domestic and made in Tsuwano. The bath water smooths skin and also makes it resilient and glow, and can be enjoyed as a bath for beautiful skin.
  • [Benefits]
    ・Makes skin smooth
    ・Prevents skin roughness
    ・Moisturizes skin
    ・Makes skin resilient
    ・Makes skin glow

Nostalgic journey in Tsuwano -Trip to find your special scenery-Nostalgic journey in Tsuwano -Trip to find your special scenery-

Castle town with streets full of white walls and red Sekishu roof tiles.
We hope you find a scenery that can be treasured in your heart
in this picture postcard like beautiful town of Tsuwano.

Access to Sightseeing spotsAccess to Sightseeing spots

Tsuwano Japanese Heritage Center : 1min
Tsuwano Catholic Church: 1min
Mori Ogai Memorial Museum: 5min
Taikoidani Inari Park: 5min
Tsuwano Castle Ruins: 15min

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